Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

Since Thanksgiving is the holiday most dedicated toward eating, I figure I need to post something. Because of my work schedule I had celebrated thanksgiving on Wednesday this year. I invited all my friends over for an all day event. Eating and Movies all day long. No one really showed up til 5 anyway. As for eating I wasn't really that hungry all day long. I took a Stacker 3 in the morning for the energy, and granted it staves off the appetite, but I just never got that hungry. I think it was mostly because I was hosting the party and always trying to be thinking of what the guests needed.

My other theory of the lack of hunger is this; I'm a big fan of eating 6 meals a day. It ups your metabolism, and helps your body work better. Your body is constantly proccessing food, and most of all, is not in starvation mode, so it won't store fat. When you do this, your stomach shrinks, and you are no longer able to eat such large portions. Yes, you can always stretch it back out and eat more, but right now, my stomach is pretty small. I've been complaining for the last few weeks about the fact that I can't eat a lot, cause I get full fast. Now the disadvantage to the 6 meals a day diet and getting out of starvation mode is that you have to eat often, and if you wait a little too long suddenly you are starving and feel like you want to eat everything in sight. I'm thinking the fact that I was snacking all day long yesterday, kept my tummy happy.

Soon, I will post some blogs, detailing my diet and how I've actually come to loose all this weight, but I do want to stress, that my diet has not changed a lot. True I try and eat salads daily, and in general eat healthy, but I still eat pizza, and starchy and fatty foods on a regular basis. The biggest thing about me is portion control.

Well readers, I'm gonna go to bed, so have a good night, and again thanks for following my blog. CM

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