Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fell off the wagon... Almost

Today hasn't been great on the health front. I should have gone to the gym but had a friend stop by work and ask if I wanted to go out, so I did. Luckily I shaved and trimmed my beard and shaved my head before work today, so I was looking hot. Then I couldn't resist putting on an extremely tight shirt to show off how much weight I've lost to my friend who hadn't seen me since I dropped the last 30lbs. The compliments came and the ego was stroked, that's always a good thing.

Being on the low carb I allow myself one piece of candy a day, but only if I'm really craving it, provided that it has peanut butter or nuts in it. I'm not allowed more than about 25g of carbs from it though. I resisted the temptation to get a candy bar on the way to work,

My current favorite candy bar. 2 squares, 24 grams of carbs.

but then at work I had a couple carbs here and a couple there. After work I went to the bar and had Diet Coke the whole time, but then one of my friends asked if I wanted to go to Charlie's for something to eat... I decided sure. Well I nearly fell off the wagon and went full blast and got a deep fried Monte Cristo Sandwich, but instead got their low carb plate and some coconut prawns. Yeah the prawns were way over my budget for carbs, but now that I look back, I probably didn't do too much damage.

Over all not a great day for the diet and workout fail, but some days are gonna be like that. Tomorrow my friend Becca and I will be going to a Belly Dancing Core training class at the gym. I'm excited, I hope I enjoy the class because I could really use something once a week to focus hard on my abs.

Considering where I was at, compared to where I now am, I'm doing really well, to be honest there is nothing wrong with my gut and it is not my main concern. I actually have a pretty strong core which i attribute to singing. You have to have some kinda muscle in there to hold notes or belt out a song. But still it would be nice to flatten a little more and minimize the overhang. Oh well, it all takes time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It's day 1 of my low carb reboot. I was sick with one thing or another for most of April. I didn't get a lot of work out in and my diet was horrible but it's time to get back on the horse. Because that's what you have to do, "When real people fall down in life they get right back up and keep walking" (Sex and the City)

Today was legs. I went and did my first Zumba dance class. I walked out of there jelly legged and unable to breathe. I did have a lot of fun though and I plan to be back. Tomorrow I'll add a little more leg work to my arm work out. I'm excited to start back on this journey and I hope you enjoy taking it with me.

I talked with the manager at 24 hr fitness, the one I interviewed with a month ago. He is now the General Manager. As I figured it's getting into their slow season and they've cut way back on hours. He reaffirmed he's still got me in mind, so for now I've got to be patient. I really think this is what I want to get into as a long term career, so right now it's worth the wait.