Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lets start at the very beginning...

Ok, Maybe not the very beginning, but there are things you need to know about my past to understand my present.

In November of 2004 I was living in Southern California. One night, I recieved a call from my Father. My mother had colapsed at home and had been rushed to the hospital. She had been diagnosed with diabetes. Now to a normal person that's a life changing thing, but my mother had not been a healthy woman in many many years. In my lifetime I could never say I truly new her as healthy. On top of the diabetes she now had pancreatitis, and had only one leg (due to a car accident 10 years previously). She was on both depressants and antidepressants to combat a chemical imbalance in her brain. This kept her out of the black hole of depression she was in most of my early life.

I had moved to California 2 years previous, and even though it now felt like home, I had always had a guilt for leaving my mother, that crept into my dreams. It was always a different thing happening flood or fire or whatnot, but I would always wake up with that same horrible feeling of my mother dying and I wasn't able to get to her.

So as Father described her current condition, and how he felt she needed round the clock care, it didn't take me much to decide to drop everything and move back to Utah to help her out. Little did I know that this would become my most healthy time in my 20's which would lead to my biggest weight gain rolling into my 30's.

Stay tuned... CM


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